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2013 NZ Safety Catalogue 2014 - 2015 NZ Safety Product Catalogue Sections

null Worksafe Training null Eye Protection null Foot Protection
null Height Safety null Hearing Protection null Apparel
null Gas Detection null Environmental null Hand Protection
null Respiratory Protection null Workplace Safety null Medical
null Head Protection null Safety Signage null Hygiene
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Worksafe Training Worksafe Training
NZ Safety's Work Safe training offers New Zealand's most comprehensive range of industrial skills and safety training to keep you safer at work.

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Height Safety Height Safety
NZ Safety is the leading supplier of height safety and fall protection equipment and solutions in New Zealand. In this section you will find a vast range of quality equipment designed and produced by leading manufacturers including; anchors, harnesses, lanyards, fall arrestors, rescue kits, temporary and fixed fall arrest systems and more...
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Gas Detection Gas Detection
NZ Safety offers the most comprehensive range of gas detection equipment and servicing in New Zealand. From the smallest of disposable monitors to large oil platform gas detection systems we provide customised solutions that will protect your plant and equipment but most importantly, your people.
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Respiratory Protection Respiratory Protection
In the respiratory section you will find a Respirator Selection guide, disposable respirators, half face and full face respirators and the filters that go with these. We also have a range of powered respirators, airline fed respirators and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
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Head Protection Head Protection
Head protection section contains hard hats and visors with the spare parts and attached products. Safety glass and goggles information, product and accessories. Hearing protection information, earplugs passive earmuffs, active listening earmuffs and communications earmuffs.
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Eye Protection Eye Protection
The Eye Protection section contains wide range of safety glasses, googles and face shields for all type of work environment. We also offer our range with different resistances such as low impact, medium impact and high impact
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Hearing Protection Hearing Protection
We specialise in a range of hearing protection such as disposable foam earplugs, re-usable earplugs, corded earplugs, metal detectable earplugs, ear bands, earmuffs, level dependent earmuffs and communication hearing protectors.
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Environmental Environmental
We offer a wide range of products in our spill response guide including sorbent selection, industrial sorbents, spill kit selection, portable spill kits, mobile spill kits, lab and bio hazard spill kits and chemical compatibility
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Workplace Safety Workplace Safety
We offer a complete range of workplace safety equipment including spill containment, stormwater and sediment management, safety stores cabines, safety washes, fire safety, cones, barriers and speed humps, workmats and flooring, manual handling, and many more...
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Safety Signage Safety Signage
We offer a complete range of workplace safety signage, HSNO signage, roadworks signage, vehicle transport signage, lockout products, road cones, barriers, beacons and vehicle emergency lighting, spray paint and industrial label printers
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Foot Protection Foot Protection
Footwear section contains wide range of safety footwear and gumboots for all type of work environment. We also offer selection of accessories and work socks. Footwear section will also help you select the right footwear for the job with our sole performance guide.
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Apparel Apparel
We specialise in Hi Visibility, Protective, Industrial, Wet Weather and Specialised Clothing. We also offer a quality range of uniform solutions for Corporate and Casual including logo options for any size business.
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Hand Protection Hand Protection
We offer wide range of gloves to suit all work type including PVC gloves, chemical protection, manual handling, disposable gloves and electrician gloves. Ansell glove selection guide will help you select the right glove when handling different chemicals.
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Medical Medical
Our range includes first aid kits, first aid supplies, burn products, eyewash, sunscreen, drug and alcohol testing products, stretchers and civil defence emergency survival products.
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Hygiene Hygiene
Hygiene section contains wide range of hand cleaning and washroom solution for all type of workplace. There are wide range of commercial cleaning products to choose from.
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